#4 Scrooged

December 22, 2016

Kate continues her deep dive into Christmas movies. In this episode, Kate compares and contrasts Scrooged to its source material, A Christmas Carol, as well as talking about when Bill Murray might have left filmmaking, the social function of media, and how to be the person you always thought you could be.


#3 Home Alone

December 15, 2016

In this episode, Kate continues her look at Christmas movies and talks about Home Alone and its themes of fear, family dynamics and how to be a grown up. She also talks about some behind the scenes as well as film theories. 


#2 Mixed Nuts

December 8, 2016

Kate begins her Christmas movie series with Mixed Nuts. In this episode, Kate talks about the Christmas where everything changed, never expecting help, being good on the phone, making something out of nothing and embracing that Christmas is supposed to suck.